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Mission and values

We are reliable partners, aiming at result, fulfilling all our obligations
despite the circumstances. One of the key principle of our company
is a production of wide range of the highest quality products.


We are demonstrate the leadership
by own example.


Our organization is up-to-date,
introducing the new technology.


We are reliable partners, fulfilling all our obligations
regardless of the circumstances.



Focusing on the consumers

Strategy according to which our product
should conform to interests and tastes
of the consumers.


At the enterprise has introduced the system
of management safety of foodstuffs according
to requirements by GOST(DSTU) ISO 2200:2007.


We follow the strategy, according to which our product should conform
to interests and tastes of our consumers.
Edibility of the our items, variety of options packing,
wide range and an extensive distributor network
let you choose production, which suits your needs most of all.

Our achievements

We watch the composition of our production attentively,
which we deliver and produce. Product quality is the first
and an important aspect for company. Ice cream production
of own brand name “PoltavaHolod”, reckons for the usage
of only natural components from an ecologically clear region.


We have produced
more than thirteen million units
of product.


All raw materials, which we use in the production, are necessarily verified in certified laboratory of the manufacturer.


We well cooperate
with more than two thousands
of companies and outlets.

Our Team

The Company always increase production capacity, while generating additional new job positions. By conducting daily devoted work of our team: technology experts and managers, systematic monitoring of quality and safety, our production is on constant at the market.

Our partners

In order to contribute to positive progress and reach our goals, we cooperate with large-scale organizations and companies. Their passion and talent inspire us, their unique experience allow us to do more, than we could ourselves.


  • Joint-Stock Company "Zhytomyr Butter Plant"

Company "Rud" is known to be the leader among the Ukrainian producers of ice-cream. Over more than 10 years, the "Rud" Company has been considered to be the recognized leader at the Ukrainian market of ice-cream and frozen foodstuffs.



  • Own brand name of Fozzy Group

Own brand name of Fozzy Group, has been represented in all trading networks company group since 2008. Own brand name "Povna Chasha"® - is quite popular among customers of trading networks.


"TM Frigo"

  • The public joint-stock company "JLC-Ukraine"

“JLC-Ukraine” produces ice cream
under the trade name “Frigo”.
Enterprise offers a wide and diverse range
of ice cream “Frigo”.


"TM Hercules"

  • Joint-stock company "Hercules"

Today "Hercules" is one of the leaders in Ukraine among producers of frozen food commodities. Diversified range of products and correct connection traditional recipes, products of joint-stock company "Hercules" has deserved trust and appreciation of Ukrainian consumer.


We offer services:

Storage facilities

Plant has its own storage facilities:

- Cryo-compressed storage from -25⁰С to -5⁰С area of 10 000 м²
- Storage at temperature from 0⁰С to 5⁰С area of 500 м²
- Storage at temperature from 15⁰С to 21⁰С area of 3 000 м²

Logistical complex

Our company is sufficiently staffed and combination
of all units necessary equipment let us carry out
high quality and foe fast logistics.

Contact us

Do you have questions, suggestions, ideas? Write us!

We'll be glad to answer all the questions and we are always ready to cooperate!